This is c-lightning jail

$ curl

  "host": "barnardsstar", 
  "paytostart": "lnbc3627320p1pwm630spp5twdd9yq5mufat0fagrxr8fjfkhahfcuxuda5lfs9alafvyp0vpwqdq5gfshymnpwfj8x5m5v9eqxqzjccqp2rzjq0hpsr5wupl3l8yeslvckh2aanmt447stz7a3036m97gurwjehrm5zxy4cqq0scqqqqqqqpgqqqqqzqqzsh8z7nj3vqknrumrtv84erxdzpfg5tr5knys5c3r7d2mfpc9dzm6psz4sstzrc36040pntdv9s484au4xdhvc9mvx9a8zcrexnr9h6zqp7gm7kk"

$ curl

  "app_port": 51356, 
  "hours_left": 4, 
  "ip": "", 
  "sparko": "", 
  "ssh2onion": "you can ssh directly to your .onion (/home/lightning/onion.domain) on port 22", 
  "ssh_port": 61732, 
  "ssh_pwd": "52c27722a7e21dff", 
  "ssh_usr": "lightning", 
  "status": "subscribed", 
  "user_port": 53445

Connect to server

ssh -p61732

Here you go with some basic stuff

execute bitcoin calls

host:/home/lightning@ # bitcoin-cli echo test

play with c-lightning

right from your app using sparko

you@home ~$ curl -k -d '{"method": "pay", "params": ["lnbc..."]}' -H 'X-Access masterkeythatcandoeverything'

Note! is “sparko” key in status response and masterkeythatcandoeverything can be found inside your jail ~/.lightning/config as “sparko-keys” parameter!

or from your pc using CLI tool

you@home ~$ python3.7 getinfo

with ready scripts:

host:/home/lightning@ #

host:/home/lightning@ #

host:/home/lightning@ #

host:/home/lightning@ #

or with daemon itself:

host:/home/lightning@ # lightning-cli help

host:/home/lightning@ # lightning-cli getinfo

receive on-chain funds to your node

host:/home/lightning@ #

open channel for all available funds to BitBSD LN node

host:/home/lightning@ #

rebalance your node channels

host:/home/lightning@ #

edit lightningd config

host:/home/lightning@ # [ nano | vim | vi | ee ] ~/.lightning/config

use tmux to keep your app running

host:/home/lightning@ # tmux or attach to existing sesion with host:/home/lightning@ # tmux a

feel free to use python

host:/home/lightning@ # python3.7


host:/home/lightning@ # python3.7

Python 3.7.4 (default, Aug 22 2019, 05:59:46)
[Clang 6.0.1 (tags/RELEASE_601/final 335540)] on freebsd12

Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

>>> import lightning

Attention! For security purposes this jail has no normal internet connection, while you still can access internet via proxy socks5:// or

Or you can also simply execute any command with torsocks prefix

torsocks ssh

However, some programs will work as usual, because proxy enviroment variable is set in ~/.cshrc to use HTTP TORed proxy

git clone # this will work

curl # as well as this

Lack of features? Feel free to contrbute to this set of scripts on